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Dilijan Woodland Feast: An Unforgettable Food & Sightseeing Tour

Cheers in the mountains

Dilijan and the greater Tavush province are known for the edible wild fruits, vegetables, and herbs that grow pretty much everywhere. These natural bounties that come from the region’s lush, green forests are a part of local cuisine and food traditions. Now, you can experience the best of the region’s cuisine on a Dilijan Woodland […]

Enjoying the Best (& Most Delicious!) Nomadic Kitchen in Armenia

Nomadic Kitchen by Zovak in Armenia

Every spring across Armenia, hundreds if not thousands of local shepherds and herders head from their villages to high-altitude pastures so that their sheep and cattle can graze all throughout the spring and summer months. Best Nomadic Kitchen in Armenia These herders live in those pastures with their livestock, setting up temporary homes where they’re […]

How to Rejuvenate with an Armenian Tea Ritual by Darman

Tea Rituals by Darman

Armenia is home to hundreds of wild edible herbs that grow pretty much everywhere across the countryside – even out of the sidewalks in Yerevan! If you’ve spent some time here, you’ve definitely noticed that these herbs are a big part of local people’s diets. Herbal teas like mint, chamomile, and thyme are especially popular […]

Why You Should Experience a Silent Mountain Therapy Retreat in Armenia

Mountain Therapy retreat in Armenia

Even in a small country like Armenia, there are tons of things to do and see. But have you ever thought about doing nothing while traveling to a new destination? Yes, you read that correctly, and on a Mountain Therapy retreat with North Adventures, that’s exactly what you’ll do. Based in Gyumri, Armenia’s second-largest city […]

Riverside Grill Station: A Wild Food Adventure at Marmashen

Riverside Grill Station

There is something so special about eating out in nature and what better way than to combine nature, food, and one of Armenia’s most famous monasteries!? This guide will dive into a Wild Food Adventure with 2492 Travel and the Riverside Grill Station in the beautiful Shirak province. We tell you what to expect, how […]

35 choses très utiles à savoir avant de voyager en Arménie

Le 24 avril à Tsitsernakaberd à Erevan.

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