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How to Rejuvenate with an Armenian Tea Ritual by Darman

Tea Rituals by Darman

Armenia is home to hundreds of wild edible herbs that grow pretty much everywhere across the countryside – even out of the sidewalks in Yerevan! If you’ve spent some time here, you’ve definitely noticed that these herbs are a big part of local people’s diets. Herbal teas like mint, chamomile, and thyme are especially popular […]

Riverside Grill Station: A Wild Food Adventure at Marmashen

Riverside Grill Station

There is something so special about eating out in nature and what better way than to combine nature, food, and one of Armenia’s most famous monasteries!? This guide will dive into a Wild Food Adventure with 2492 Travel and the Riverside Grill Station in the beautiful Shirak province. We tell you what to expect, how […]

How to Book an Arishta and Sourdough Class in Bagravan (+ Tips!)

This sourdough and arishta class brings people together in Bagravan village

One of our favorite Armenian dishes is arishta… and it is no question that we adore a delicious loaf of sourdough bread. So, when 2492 Travel and Vahanatun Guest House started offering a culinary experience that taught food lovers how to make both – we were elated! This post will detail how to book an […]

6 Diverse Cooking and Cultural Experiences in Gyumri (+ Shirak)

Best cooking and cultural experiences in Gyumri and Shirak

You will find a diverse array of cooking and cultural experiences all over Armenia, but some of our very favorites are located in Gyumri and the Shirak region! This post will cover some of the best cultural experiences in Gyumri and nearby – including food, culture, tradition, and more. Did we miss any cool workshops, […]

How to Get From Yerevan to Gyumri by Train, Bus, or Taxi

Yerevan to Gyumri by Bus, Train, or Taxi (Complete guide for traveling to Gyumri from Yerevan)-2-2

This guide will give you details about how to travel to Gyumri from Yerevan by three different modes of transportation. You will see how to easily and affordably go from Yerevan to Gyumri by train, bus, or taxi. How to Get From Yerevan to Gyumri by Train, Bus, or Taxi Gyumri is a hot place […]

Amasia: Reasons to Check Out Shirak’s Most Colorful Village

Things to do in Amasia, Armenia - Shirak Marz-8

Amasia is not particularly a place that comes to mind for most travelers visiting Armenia, but the small village in Shirak is definitely worth a pit-stop on a Lake Arpi journey or if you’re looking for day trips from Gyumri. This is a quick guide detailing a few reasons to stop by colorful Amasia and […]