Come experience the magic of Armenia.
From the untouched nature of the Khosrov Forest to the palpable hospitality of Yerevan, join us and experience the raw beauty and culture of Armenia.
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About Absolute Armenia

The best way to share with your impressions about something is to see, feel, understand and appreciate the value of it.
Our world is providing huge value for us, the freedom. Freedom of no borders, freedom of travel, freedom to see and touch other cultures, experience unbelievable feelings in the process of discovering small and less popular countries with amazing history and nature.
We, two travelers, want to represent you such a country, Armenia.
Why Armenia? Where is Armenia? What is Armenia? The question which is inspired us to share our experience, magical feelings from traveling in this country.
In the South Caucasus region of Eurasia is located Armenian Highland. The country which we breathe in and it took our breath away.

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