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Bari Galust Hayastan!

Welcome! We are Aram Vardanyan and Megan Starr and we are friends and travelers who are passionate about developing and bringing tourism to Armenia. Aram is from Etchmiadzin and Megan is from Virginia, USA.  We both reside in and around Yerevan.

We met at a restaurant in Yerevan during the April 2018 Revolution after being introduced by a mutual friend. Both insistent on bringing tourism to Armenia, we have developed Absolute Armenia, a travel resource with a mission to help travelers have a remarkable trip to Armenia.

We have traveled around the world together and we both full-heartedly believe that Armenia has an abundance to offer travelers- from delicious food to unparalleled hospitality to fantastic nature and more.

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Visa & Transport

Getting to Armenia, taking transportation around and how to get an Armenia visa


Hotels, guesthouses, hostels, eco-friendly accommodation and more

History & Culture

Museums, churches and cathedrals, archaeological ruins, festivals and events


Mountains, lakes, canyons, forests, parks, and much more

Food & Drink

Restaurants, cafes, wine, beer, cocktails, vegetarian food, bars and nightlife


Hiking, zip-lining, canyoning, rock climbing, rafting and more

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