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22 plats arméniens que vous adorerez (+ notre cuisine arménienne préférée)


Êtes-vous à la recherche de délicieuses options de nourriture arménienne pour votre voyage dans le pays? Ce guide présente quelques plats arméniens populaires et vous en dit un peu plus sur chacun d’entre eux! Quels sont vos plats préférés en Arménie ? Faites-le nous savoir dans les commentaires! Meilleure nourriture et plats arméniens 1. Khorovats […]

Areni Wine Festival: What to Expect & How to Go (2023 Update)

Areni Wine Festival-4

Note: The 2023 Areni Wine Festival has been canceled.  Each year, travelers and locals wait in anticipation for one of the biggest wine festivals in Armenia, and one of the biggest in the entire region. That festival is the Areni Wine Festival! There are many festivals in Armenia like the Yerevan Wine Days, but the […]

Making (and Eating!) Sweet Sujukh at Tatoents Qotuk in Ashtarak

Tatoents Qotuk

It always amazes me how undiscovered Ashtarak is, particularly in the older part of the city. It is not uncommon to be able to get lost in its narrow streets, stumble upon monuments, and see old homes with traditional Armenian architecture. Perhaps this is part of the allure of Ashtarak… On each of these narrow […]

Yerevan Wine Days: How to Experience Yerevan’s Biggest Street Festival

Yerevan Wine Days: How to Experience Yerevan's Biggest Street Festival

One of the most exciting events to pop up in the Armenian capital in recent years has been Yerevan Wine Days, a massive street festival in June on popular Saryan Street. This guide covers why you should visit Yerevan Wine Days, what to expect, and everything else you need to know about Yerevan’s biggest street […]

11 Cafes in Yerevan with Delicious Coffee and Good Wifi

green bean cafe in yerevan

Travelers might be surprised to learn that Yerevan is a city brimming with cafes. Yerevan cafes differ from one another; some are hidden behind buildings, some are lining the city’s streets, and some are inexplicably unique to cafes in other cities around the world. This is a guide to cafes in Yerevan that offer tasty […]