Enjoying the Best (& Most Delicious!) Nomadic Kitchen in Armenia

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Every spring across Armenia, hundreds if not thousands of local shepherds and herders head from their villages to high-altitude pastures so that their sheep and cattle can graze all throughout the spring and summer months.

Nomadic Kitchen by Zovak in Armenia
What a view in Tavush

Best Nomadic Kitchen in Armenia

These herders live in those pastures with their livestock, setting up temporary homes where they’re based all throughout those months.

In the old days, this was a community affair, with entire families going up to the pastures, especially in the summertime, when the lowlands tend to get quite hot.

Nomadic Kitchen by Zovak in Armenia
Armenian local wine in Tavush

While that tradition is all but gone today, herders still take their animals up to graze, and now, thanks to another Wild Food Adventure incubated by ONEArmenia (1A), you can get a taste of what that’s like near Berd in the northern Tavush region.

Nomadic Kitchen by Zovak in Armenia
Greeting with Wine

Let’s dive right into the Nomadic Kitchen by Zovak!

How To Book

You may have seen our coverage of 1A’s Wild Food Adventures already on our blog.

These food experiences, which have been featured in Forbes and Food&Wine Magazine, are 3 course meals that take place in Armenia’s most beautiful natural environments, quite literally in the wild, far away from cities and towns.

Nomadic Kitchen by Zovak in Armenia
Our off road

Hosts trained in hospitality and the culinary arts prepare your meal right in the wild, and share with you their stories and what the dishes mean to them and the communities they come from.

I’ve written about a few of 1A’s Wild Food Adventures already.

Nomadic Kitchen by Zovak in Armenia

Each one is unique and specific to the culinary traditions of the regions where they take place.

Everything from the dishes served to the locations where they take place and even the local hosts who organize them are unique in their own way.

You can read about some of the other Wild Food Adventures I’ve covered here and here.

Nomadic Kitchen by Zovak in Armenia
Nomadic Kitchen by Zovak in Armenia

Many of these adventures include an off-roading component, including the Nomadic Kitchen, which as we said takes place in a high-altitude pasture near the town of Berd.

To book, simply contact Zovak Rural Guest House, who operates this Wild Food Adventure. You can also book through 2492 Travel, 1A’s for-purpose travel brand.

Where To Meet

You’ll meet your hosts at their B&B, Zovak Rural Guest House in the village of Navur, near Berd.

From there, you’ll head to the region’s alpine pastures, where the local herders will be waiting to greet you.

Nomadic Kitchen by Zovak in Armenia
Our table in the Mounties

Note that there is no restroom in the pasture, so if you need to “go,” the time to do it is before you leave the guest house.

Besides a proper restroom, your hosts will have everything necessary in the pasture for you to have an unforgettable and comfortable experience.

My Experience and Highlights From the Day

Duration: 3-4 hours
Meeting Point: Zovak Rural Guest House, Navur village
Languages: Russian, Armenian, English

The off-road ride to our dining location was absolutely beautiful.

corner of Armenia is known for its lush greenery, and we were able to enjoy the nature to the fullest in the back of the off-road vehicle that took us to the Nomadic Kitchen.

The fields were blooming with spring wildflowers, and there was still snow in the mountains in the distance – so far, in terms of location, this experience gets a 5/5!

Nomadic Kitchen by Zovak in Armenia
Picturesque ride

Once we got to our location, our hosts graciously welcomed us with local red wine.

The local family that watches over their herds of cattle there were super friendly and excited to have us spend the day with them. The kids in particular were extra excited to show us around the pasture where they like to play.

Nomadic Kitchen in Armenia by Zovak
Tavush style Khorovats (BBQ)

After welcome drinks and some light appetizers, it was time to sit down to eat!

First up, was a local green bean salad with dried tomato, a large cheese khurjin (a cheese casing) stuffed with local herbs, and bruschetta topped with tree mushrooms, strained yogurt and grilled pepper, and thyme-infused cheese. It was a perfect start to a meal that was only going to get better!

Nomadic Kitchen by Zovak in Armenia
Nomadic Kitchen by Zovak in Armenia

For our main course, we had grilled local pork marinated with thyme and served with grilled mushrooms and vegetables, as well as a seasonal vegetable omelet.

Finally for dessert, we had a local Tavush specialty called sali, a flat sweet bread served with strained yogurt, berry jam, and crushed nuts.

Nomadic Kitchen by Zovak in Armenia
Local Vegetables

This meal was absolutely phenomenal, and I can’t believe that it was all prepared in the wild! While we ate, we got to know our local hosts more, who told us about their seasonal life in the pastures, which they quite enjoy.

Garik and Ester, who run Zovak Rural Guest House, say that it was important to them to showcase local culture to travelers in a fun and comfortable way. I’d say that they achieved it!

Who Can’t Join

Unfortunately, due to the location, wheelchair users are unable to partake in this experience.

But, 1A and 2492 Travel are actively working to make this and all the other experiences they work with in Armenia accessible to all.

If you have any specific dietary restrictions, be sure to communicate them when booking, and if you’re vegetarian or vegan, the main course may be pork but if you book in advance the team can prepare a delicious main course that adheres to your diet.

Nomadic Kitchen by Zovak in Armenia
Nomadic Kitchen by Zovak in Armenia

We also recommend that you wear comfortable, closed-toed shoes for this Wild Food Adventure, and don’t forget a jacket, hat, and sunscreen.

While the mountain pastures may be cool, the high elevation means that the sunlight can be intense.

Should You Book This Experience?

If you’re looking for a truly unique dining experience in Armenia, once that combines fresh mountain air, green pastures, friendly local hosts, and amazing food, then you 100% should book this experience!

Nomadic Kitchen by Zovak in Armenia

Let us know if you have any questions about this nomadic kitchen in Tavush in the comments!

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