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Ecotourism in the Caucasian Wildlife Refuge (+ Lodging Tips!)

Caucasian Wildlife Refuge guide

Along the border of Khosrov Forest State Reserve is the wild and remote Caucasian Wildlife Refuge. This guide will tell you how you can visit the Caucasian Wildlife Refuge (and how to stay there overnight)! It will also include plenty of tips to help you plan your stay, as well as which types of tours […]

Karahunj (Zorats Karer): What to Know Before You Go + Tips

Karahunj - Zorats Karer Observatory in Armenia

One of the most mysterious places in Armenia is Karahunj Observatory, also referred to as Zorats Karer (and sometimes Carahunge!) This is a guide detailing how to visit Karahunj, why you should take a trip there, and the history of it. Where is Karahunj? Karahunj is located in the south of Armenia in the diverse […]

How to Visit Angelsʻ Canyon in Armenia (Trail Tips & More!)

Landscapes near Angelsʻ Canyon

I find dry landscapes alluring. I always have. I grew up in a place teeming with greenery, trees, and water… so any place that looks like its opposite captivates my attention and lures me in. Therefore, visiting Angelsʻ Canyon in Armenia was always a top priority for me… even if it did take me a […]

5 Delicious Spots to Enjoy Manti in Yerevan (+ Tips!)

Manti at Anteb - Best places for Manti in Yerevan-1

Manti is one of our favorite Armenian dishes with roots in Western Armenia. It is flavorful and we are delighted to have Mikayel Boyajian here sharing his favorite places to eat manti in Yerevan. Did we miss your favorite Armenian manti spot? Let us know in the comments! Thanks! What is Manti? Manti is a […]