Why You Need to Stay at Nature Rooms Cozy Cabin in Armenia

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Sometimes, I look for a small gap in my daily routine to escape somewhere, connect with nature, do a digital detox, eat healthily, maybe learn something new, or be by myself and relax. Recently, I found such a place in the mountains of Armenia.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who does this, so I want to share my experience in this article. It’s about a wonderful place called Nature Rooms Cozy Cabin in the Woods, where I had an amazing time and satisfied all my detox needs.

Where is Nature Rooms’ and what is its Purpose?

The cabin is located in the Gegharkunik region, north of Lake Sevan, in Martuni Village.

Nature Rooms’ mission is to help you find inner peace, inspiration, and joy away from the noisy cities. It is about complete relaxation without man-made distractions.

The view for the cabin to the mountains in Armenia
The View for the Cabin

It is about pausing your life for a moment to hear your inner voice, the call of your heart, and to enlighten your soul. It is about allowing yourself to just be, without busy schedules and to-do lists.

Nature Rooms also aims to contribute to the development of the village of Martuni, where it is located.

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About the Founder and Her Dream

Meet Satenik Khachatryan, founder of Nature Rooms. In 2019, she left her job at an international organization to pursue her dreams.

With a master’s degree from four European universities and over 10 years of community development experience, she launched several projects in her native village of Martuni with her sister.

It took years of patience, hard work, and commitment to bring this project to life. The dream of Nature Rooms became a reality thanks to numerous people from all over the world who believed in and supported it.

Nature Rooms Cabin in Woods in Armenia
Satenik Khachatryan

Inside the guesthouse, you can see a framed sign listing the names of all the contributors. Artur Avagyan, a repatriate from Moscow, helped Satenik with the unique planning and design.

Satenik identifies herself as a perfectionist, and every single detail in the guesthouse is meticulously planned, from its concept to its design. For her, Nature Rooms is about emotions, perseverance, magic, and the love and care you feel as soon as you arrive.

How to Get to Nature Rooms in Martuni Village?

Distance from Yerevan: 130 km (81 miles)
Distance from Tbilisi: 197 km (122 Miles)

Village Martuni is part of the Chambarak unified community in the Gegharkunik region. It is often confused with the town of Martuni, also in Gegharkunik, which is over 130 km away. To ensure you reach the correct Martuni, Satenik will send you a map and a video guide upon booking.

  • Best Maps to Use: Yandex Maps works best for this area. You can locate Nature Rooms and follow the directions using this link.
  • Public Transport: A minivan runs once a day from the Northern bus station in Yerevan to Chambarak, stopping at Martuni village center, about 1.5 km from Nature Rooms.
  • Taxi: If taking a taxi from Yerevan, mention you are going to Chambarak to avoid confusion with town Martuni. Local taxis familiar with the area are also an option.
  • Driving Directions: The road from the main road to Nature Rooms is an uneven, unpaved village road. The last 200 meters are a forest road, best suited for jeeps, though sedans can manage if the road isn’t muddy. If you’re driving a sedan, you can park safely near Satenik’s house, and she will drive you to Nature Rooms.

Satenik provides full guest support from reservation to checkout, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Getik Valley
Getik Valley

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What to Expect at Nature Rooms’?

Nature Rooms is an eco-friendly, newly built oval-shaped house designed for nature lovers who appreciate comfort and aesthetics. With its unique architecture, it seamlessly blends with nature, offering an almost ethereal experience.

Surrounded by an oak forest, with views of the Miapori mountains and Getik Valley, the guesthouse provides panoramic window views of the stunning landscape.

Nature Rooms Cabin in Woods room
My Room

Here, you’ll be serenaded by birdsong, with the aid of a special app to identify various species.

Experience the peacefulness of natural silence, breathe in pure oxygen-rich air, and marvel at the star-filled night sky. Nature Rooms offers stunning 360-degree views of the mountains and forests.

Environmental care is at the core of Nature Rooms, with refillable bottles for hygiene products, waste separation bins and water conservation reminders. Immaculate cleanliness is ensured.

Perfect spot for coffee

Perfect for couples, families, remote workers, digital nomads, writers, artists, and astrophotographers seeking a combination of relaxation, inspiration, and productivity.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Inside the cabin, there are two bedrooms: one with a queen bed and the other with two single beds. Both bedrooms feature roller blinds to block the sun.

The fully equipped kitchen includes modern amenities such as an oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, and washing machine, along with plates, wine glasses, and cooking paper, making it feel like your home kitchen.

My dinner at Nature Rooms Cabin in Woods
My wonderful dinner

Additionally, there’s a spacious living room, a small library, and an office space. The cabin has one washroom and one bathroom with a shower.

The food at this place was delicious, and it was one of the highlights of my stay. Breakfast mainly consists of locally grown and produced products.

Fresh milk and dairy products come from Satenik’s father’s farm nearby, where guests can visit and learn about modern farming methods in Armenia.

Satenik’s father’s farm

Free-range eggs and seasonal organic fruits and vegetables, including wild herbs served as tea, are also available. Espresso and cappuccino are offered alongside lunch and dinner options.

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How to Book Nature Rooms’ Cabin?

Nature Rooms’ cabin is becoming increasingly popular, with many people wanting to organize their detox stays at this wonderful place.

Cabin in Armenia in winter
Nature Rooms Cabin in Winter

Based on my personal experience, I highly recommend booking this place as soon as you see it’s available online.

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What is Around?

You can take a hiking tour to the waterfall, which is about a 2-hour hike two way.

Not far from Nature Rooms lies the medieval Old Getik Monastic Complex, also known as Karmir Yeghtsi among locals, dating back to the 9th-12th centuries. It’s about a 7-kilometer hike one way, and it’s also possible to drive most of the way and hike the last 1.5 kilometers.

Church ruins in Armenia
Old Getik Monastic Complex

Alternatively, you can drive the entire way if you have an off-road vehicle and an experienced driver. The monastic complex was buried for about 900 years after a 12th-century earthquake.

Only in the 1980s did excavations reveal this hidden treasure, where the main walls of the church are visible with carvings and columns.

According to some locals, it’s believed that Mkhitar Gosh, a renowned scholar and monastic figure, once lived there and established Goghavanq after the earthquake.

Waterfall in Armenia
The Hidden Waterfall

While there aren’t designated trail signs to these places, Satenik can explain how to get there, or you can opt for a guided tour.

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What to Know Before Staying in Nature Rooms?

Here are a few tips before staying at Nature Room:

  • There’s working Wi-Fi, but I’d suggest not being too glued to the internet and instead, enjoying the surroundings.
  • Summers can get quite warm there. I visited in early June, and the temperature was comfortable during the day and cool at night.
  • The breakfast was amazing!
  • Bring some cash with you; just in case.
  • Check-in is at 3 pm, and check-out is at noon.
  • Nature Rooms is a locally-owned Armenian business operated by a family from Martuni Village.

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Nature Rooms Cabin in Woods in Armenia

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