Bardzravan: Camping, History, & Adventure in Remote Syunik

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Bardzravan village is probably the most remote place in the Syunik region and a place where people still live despite the interesting history the village has faced. We recently had the chance to visit and explore it a little deeper!

Bardzravan village in Syunik, Armenia
Bardzravan village in Syunik, Armenia


Situated on the edge of the massive Vorotan Gorge, Bardzravan village has approximately 50 inhabitants left today (about a decade ago, the population was triple that) and it is located an hour away from Tatev Monastery if you are willing to off-road to get there.

However, there is a different road from Goris that also reaches the village which is in better condition.

Bardzravan village in Syunik-9
Nicer parts of the ‘rough’ road

About Bardzravan Village

Bardzravan is situated along the Vorotan and Vararak river gorges and it has a rather interesting history compared to other villages in Syunik.


In 1931, the village of Yeritsatumb was struck by a large earthquake (that also damaged Tatev Monastery) and the village was moved above the gorge to where it stands today. Later, it was renamed Bardzravan.

While the inhabitants moved, remnants of the old village were left behind and you can visit Old Bardzravan while you’re hiking along the epic Legends Trail.

Bardzravan village in Syunik-3

There is not much left but the Church of St. Minas Kratak is still there, engulfed in moss and surrounded by boulders. There is also a 17th-18th century caravanserai in the vicinity, as well as the monastery of Bgheno-Noravank (dates back to 936).

Forty-nine villagers perished in the 1931 earthquake.

Bardzravan Village Today

Today, there are not many things to do in Bardzravan. There is a small village shop and a wonderful camping area (more below!) There is also a church there called St. Hripsime.



Near Bardzravan village in the forest on the open field with beautiful views Bardzravan natives Edik Hovhannisyan and his son are building an amazing eco-friendly campsite for adventurous hikers, nature lovers, and campers who love to stay in far-removed areas.

There is also a church still in existence overlooking the gorge called St. Hripsime. Do be cautious photographing the area as there are some military installations currently in place there.


Bardzravan Comfortable Stop Campsite

One of the coolest things located in Bardzravan today is a new and beautiful campsite.

Operated by solar energy, the campsite was founded together in collaboration with People in Need and is the ultimate place to connect. with nature, camp in the remote wilderness, and enjoy eco-clean food in the village.


And, the views are out of this world! You even pass the beautiful Bride’s Gorge to get there if coming in from Tatev village area.

Bride’s Gorge

The idea came to Edik and his son when they found out that the village is too remote and there are no guesthouses there but they wanted to add more adventurous elements to the village, including accommodation, and help hikers rest during the 250 kilometers Legends Trail hike that passes through Bardzravan.



The hosts provide tents for campers if they don’t bring their own and there is a restroom and open-air dining area available. Food and other amenities can be requested from the hosts.

We will update with booking options once available as it is still in the process of opening!

While Bardzravan may be far off the map – it is so worth a stop if you’re looking for a place that has a fascinating story, hospitable people, and views for days!


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**The Legends Trail was created by People in Need representative office in Armenia in the frame of “EU4Tourism: Outdoor adventures on the historic trail in Syunik” project funded by the European Union.

***Special thanks to the Cartisan guidebook about the Legends Trail (written by Tom Allen) for some helpful info about Bardzravan!

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