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Hotel Laguna in Vanadzor Review: Upscale Comfort & More!

Hotel Laguna in Vanadzor

Vanadzor has many small and big guesthouses and hotels in different parts of the city and Hotel Laguna, a place I recently stayed at, is located 3.5 kilometers away from the Vanadzor Train Station in a very green area. I found the hotel, which was built in 2010, to be exceptionally great for visitors to […]

Visiting Haghpat Monastery: History, Tips, & How to Get There

Haghpat Monastery-1

Are you looking to visit one of Armenia’s best UNESCO World Heritage sites? This guide discusses everything you need to know about visiting Haghpat Monastery in the north of Armenia. If you are planning to discover the gorgeous North of Armenia, then the ancient architectural masterpiece of Haghpat Monastery Complex must be on your list […]

Geologist’s House B&B Review: Loving Village Life in Gargar

Geologist's House B&B Review: Loving Village Life in Gargar

Gargar village was a place that was far removed from our minds until we ended up there. Our stay at the Geologist’s House B&B was epic and exposed us to the comforts of Armenian village life in a way that blew our minds. This is a short review of our stay at Geologist’s House B&B […]

Debed Delights: Locally Crafted Meals with International Flair

Debed Delights

Debed Delights is the result of pairing together a well-traveled and creative soul with the purity and robust flavors of local, Armenian ingredients. Debed village’s Debed Delights allows your mind and taste buds to wander from Scandinavia to the Arabian Peninsula (and beyond) all in the comfort of your own kitchen! Debed Delights Location: Debed […]

Home Restaurant in Vanadzor: Exceptional Flavors & Hospitality

Home Restaurant in Vanadzor: Exceptional Flavors & Hospitality

One thing Armenia is not lacking in is delicious food.  But, while tasty food is a commodity in this country, it is not always easy to find the full experience of the food paired with incredible Armenian hospitality.  Home Restaurant in Vanadzor is the exception to that. At Home Restaurant in Vanadzor, you can experience […]

Forgotten Fairy Tale: An Abandoned Soviet Pioneer Camp

Forgotten Fairy Tail: An Abandoned Soviet Pioneer Camp

It is fascinating to think about how a place where life previously thrived can eventually become lifeless within a mere matter of years and be left at the mercy of nature. Once again, I had an exciting opportunity to find my way to the green mountains of Lori near the small town Spitak to see […]