11 Cafes in Yerevan with Delicious Coffee and Good Wifi

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Travelers might be surprised to learn that Yerevan is a city brimming with cafes. Yerevan cafes differ from one another; some are hidden behind buildings, some are lining the city’s streets, and some are inexplicably unique to cafes in other cities around the world.

This is a guide to cafes in Yerevan that offer tasty coffee and high-speed wifi for free.  If you have any cafes to add, please drop them in the comments.

Cafes in Yerevan with Delicious Coffee and Good Wifi

Yerevan sits heads and shoulders above other cities when it comes to cafes simply for its sidewalk cafe scene alone.  There are many opportunities and places that travelers can enjoy a cup of coffee outside while basking in the many days of sunshine that the Armenian capital shows off annually.

But, not every cafe has stellar coffee or great wifi opportunities.  This guide to cafes in Yerevan gives some of the best places in the city to have a cup of coffee and take advantage of free, high-speed wifi.


Located in Yerevan city center, Epicure is a one-of-a-kind cafe that offers delicious coffee, food, and late-night entertainment. The cafe was completely designed by the team at Epicure and the place just exudes creative vibes and hospitality.

The service at Epicure is exceptional and the beverages and food are nothing short of that too. They offer Armenian wine, fresh salads, and much more. Their wifi is speedy and there are plenty of power outlets.

salad from epicure cafe in yerevan copy-min

You can find Epicure at 40 Pushkin Street. To find out more, check out their Facebook page.

The Green Bean

This cafe is an expat favorite in Yerevan and their delicious coffee and international breakfast dishes leave no one wondering why. From flat whites to bagels and cream cheese, The Green Bean has something for everyone.

They also have very good and consistent wifi. Green Bean has locations at the Cascades as well as near Missak Manouchian Park. Both are highly recommended and easy places to work from.

green bean cafe in yerevan

You can find The Green Bean at 10 Amiryan Street or 38 Isahakyan. To find out more, check out their Facebook page.

Keerk & Co.

One of our new favorite cafes in Yerevan is called Keerk & Co. and it opened in early 2020 in a quiet part of the city.  The coffee shop is actually a cafe-library and it boasts an awesome terrace, a selection of books to read, and some of the city’s best coffee.

We love to sit outside and enjoy an iced coffee from their extensive menu.  They are currently sourcing their beans from DOC Therapy Bar off of Northern Avenue and using them to perfection.

Not only does Keerk have a great coffee selection, but they also have a really nice selection of salads and sandwiches.  Everything is affordably priced and delicious!  This is one of Yerevan’s best cafes so check it out.  It is also a great place to work from with free wifi.

Keerk & Co. | Yerevan's Chillest New Cafe - Library

You can find Keerk & Co. at 3A Marshal Baghramyan Ave.  To find out more, check out their Facebook page.

The Coffee 23.5

A new addition to the Yerevan cafe scene, The Coffee 23.5 is situated on famous Saryan Street, a quiet and cozy street where locals usually come to enjoy a glass of wine or meal.  This cafe roasts its own beans and is now offering some of the tastiest coffee in Yerevan (if not the very best).

The staff is friendly and will happily educate you on the roasting process and their beans.  They also sell several specialty coffee accessories such as Aeropresses to Hario V60s.  While the cafe is not a place to work from, it has high-speed wifi inside.

the coffee 23.5 : cafes in yerevan armenia coffee and wifi

You can find The Coffee 23.5 at 1 Saryan Street.  To find out more, check out their Facebook page.

Sante Fe

Sante Fe is an outdoor cafe that is located near the Cascades in Yerevan. With coffee, tea, 200 different types of wine, and a variety of dishes, this Yerevan cafe has a little something for everyone. They also have good wifi, plenty of power outlets, and a comfortable atmosphere to get some work done.

Do be prepared that Sante Fe may not be open depending on weather and season. But, if the weather is nice out, this is your place!

sante fe cafe yerevan

You can find Sante Fe at Moskovyan 29/4 near the Cascades. To find out more, check out their Facebook page.

The Italian

This Yerevan cafe is located close to Republic Square and offers everything from lunch to aperitivo to extremely good coffee. Their wifi is speedy and they have plenty of space for the digital nomad to get some work done in Yerevan.

As the name suggests, the food and atmosphere are Italian but the establishment is clearly a Yerevan favorite. This is definitely a cafe in Yerevan that deserves the business it gets.

the italian cafe in yerevan armenia

You can find The Italian on Hanrapetutyan Street in Building 51. To find out more, check out their Facebook page.

Mirzoyan Library

A cafe and cultural center both, Mirzoyan Library is one of the coolest cafes in Yerevan and is a local favorite. Situated in a cozy and quiet part of Yerevan in a courtyard and historic building, the cafe has coffee, art, and often hosts events.

They have fast wifi and the staff speaks English. This is the most laidback place in the city to get some work done, undoubtedly.

mirzoyan library cafes in yerevan guide coffee and wifi

You can find Mirzoyan Library at 10 Mher Mkrtchyan Street in Yerevan. To find out more, check out their Facebook page.


One of the best places in Yerevan to get a little bit of work done for digital nomads (or anyone) is at Coffeestory. The Yerevan cafe is located in the heart of the city center and is a popular favorite. Coffeestory serves a large variety of coffee, alcoholic beverages, and a full menu.

They also have a spacious terrace that they open up weather permitting. This cafe is one of the most convenient places to work from in Yerevan.

greek salad at yerevan cafe coffeestory


Another healthy cafe and eatery, this cafe in Yerevan is an essential place to get some work done if you love fresh food and good coffee. They have everything from a flat white to avocado toast and more.

There is a small terrace that is perfect for working during warmer days or you can check out the inside where there are plenty of power outlets available for those working remotely. The service is friendly and the cafe is a breath of fresh air in Yerevan.

avocado toast at eat&fit cafe in yerevan

You can find Eat&Fit at 80 Aram Street in Yerevan. To find out more information, check out their Facebook page.


Located inside of Lovers’ Park, a respite from the hustle and bustle of Yerevan, Achajour is a cafe that is mostly self-service and is an eco-friendly establishment where minimizing waste is a priority. The wifi is consistently good and the location is green and revitalizing.

Achajour is a Yerevan cafe favorite that should be on every digital nomad’s list of places to work from in the Armenian capital. They have two locations (the second is located at 22 Ghazar Parpetsi Street).

You can find Achajour in Lovers’ Park in Yerevan. To find out more, check out their Facebook page.

Gouroo Club & Garden

Armenia is a very sunny country and awesome terraces deserve recognition (and should be worked from). Gouroo Club & Garden is a cafe in Yerevan that has an incredible and quiet terrace that complements their healthy and mindful food extremely well.

The wifi works well and in the evenings, the place becomes a chilled and relaxing spot off of renowned Saryan Street. Whether you’re working or not, this is a place to stop by and check out. They even offer cooking classes!

gouroo cafe: cafes in yerevan armenia coffee and wifi-3

You can find Gouroo Club & Garden at 13 Saryan Street in Yerevan. To find out more, check out their Facebook page.

There are so many cafes in Yerevan that offer a productive atmosphere and great coffee experience.  This guide will be added to and stays live.  Please list your favorite Yerevan cafe in the comments!

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