Saryan Street: The Place to Be for Wine Lovers in Yerevan

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There is nowhere better in Yerevan to grab a glass of Armenian wine than on Yerevan’s Saryan Street, a long thoroughfare in Armenia’s capital city. This is a complete guide to Saryan Street in Yerevan- from its many wine bars to places to grab cocktails, food, beer, and more.

Saryan Street: The Place to Be for Wine Lovers in Yerevan

Saryan Street is a long avenue in Yerevan that confines the city center of the Armenian capital city.  The street has become synonymous with being a wine lover’s paradise in the last couple of years thanks to the opening and birth of In Vino, a Yerevan institution for those who want to imbibe in Armenia’s most famous beverage.

Since In Vino’s opening at the end of 2012, the wine bar has inspired the opening of several other establishments on Saryan Street.  Now, you can find everything from top-quality steak to raw vegan cafes to beer bars to excellent cocktail bars.

Saryan Street Yerevan - Saryan'Notes
Saryan’Notes on Saryan Street

The street also is the host for Yerevan Wine Days, a festival that takes place in May that celebrates Armenian wine (and food) and its historical importance for the country and the rest of the world since Armenia is the birthplace of the oldest winery on the planet.

This is a guide to Saryan Street.  It will include bars, restaurants, cafes, museums, shopping, and much more.  Please do note that we categorized them the best we could but many of them fit into many categories and almost all food and drink establishments will have Armenian wine.

If you have any suggestions to add or are a new business opening on Saryan Street, please reach out to us so we can stop by and add you to this guide.  Thanks!

Saryan Street Yerevan - Soho Cafe-3
SoHo Patisserie and Choclaterie

Coffee and Cafes

There are several places to grab a cup of coffee in Yerevan and Saryan Street is no exception.  While most places on the street specialize in several offerings, most all serve a nice cup of coffee, whether it be an Armenian coffee or a cappuccino.

The Coffee 23.5

One of the best additions to Saryan Street was The Coffee 23.5, a cafe and roastery that opened at the end of 2018.  The Coffee 23.5 is located at the beginning of Saryan Street and is run by a small, friendly staff.  They roast in-house and have a variety of beans from all over the world inside.  They also have a lot of tea options.  This is definitely one of the best cafes in Yerevan.

Saryan Street Yerevan - The Coffee 23
The Coffee 23.5

At The Coffee 23.5, you can order a coffee and enjoy it inside or take one to go.  You can also buy a bag of beans or ground coffee at an affordable price.  They also sell coffee accessories like Chemexes, tampers, and more.  If you’re a coffee-lover, this is definitely the place to head to for one on Saryan Street.

You can find The Coffee 23.5 at 1 Saryan Street.  Click here for their Facebook page.

SoHo Patisserie & Chocolaterie

SoHo is one of the most underrated cafes in Yerevan, without a doubt.  This patisserie and chocolaterie serves a variety of sweet treats to hungry visitors and you can find everything from eclairs to carrot cake to coffee and beyond.  Everything is absolutely exquisite and delicious.

Saryan Street Yerevan - SoHo Cafe

The interior is colorful, yet minimalistic, and it makes it easily one of the most Instagrammable places in Yerevan. They have free wifi and power outlets so it also makes SoHo a wonderful place to work for a bit while you indulge.

You can find SoHo Patisserie & Chocolaterie at 24 Saryan Street.  To find out more, check out their Facebook page.

Saryan Street Yerevan - Soho Cafe-2


Saryan Street is Yerevan’s ‘wine street’ and there is no better place to enjoy a glass of the local beverage than on this famous street in the capital city.  New places are popping up left and right and it is easily making this Yerevan street the most exciting one to be found at in the evenings.

In Vino

This small, wooden wine bar and shop is pretty much the epicenter of wine on Saryan Street (and maybe all of Yerevan).  After its opening at the end of 2012, it has remained one of the most famous places in Yerevan and attracts patrons from far-flung places as well as wine-lovers who reside in the city.

There is truly nothing better than heading to In Vino any night of the week, sampling some different glasses of wine recommended by a friendly and knowledgeable staff and ordering a plate of fresh cheese (which you can choose from their counter) and meats to enjoy while you imbibe.  This is an essential experience and one of the best things to do in Yerevan, without a doubt.

You can find In Vino at 6 Saryan Street.  To find out more, check out their Facebook page.

Voskevaz Wine Time

Yet another beautiful and cozy spot on Saryan Street is Voskevaz Wine Time.  This restaurant and wine bar is the perfect place for a family gathering, romantic dinner, and a place just to relax in a calm environment.

Saryan Street Yerevan Armenia _
Voskevaz Wine Time

The experienced chefs will delight you with European cuisine and a fine Armenian wine selection that will surprise wine lovers from all over the world.  Voskevaz has an open veranda where it is possible to escape the summer heat.

You can find Voskevaz Wine Time at 6 Saryan Street.  To find out more, check out their Facebook page.


Saryan Street is definitely known more for its wine but we understand that everyone is not a wine enthusiast and, fortunately, the street caters to all types of drinkers.

Beer Mania

This small, wooden bar is located on Saryan Street and its specialty is just as its name suggests… beer.  Beer Mania has a variety of draft and bottled beer and a nice bar inside and a chilled-out terrace outside that is ready for patrons during the warmer months.

Saryan Street Yerevan - Beer Mania
Beer Mania

Not a beer lover?  No worries- they also have other drinks available and ready for customers.  But, this is definitely one of the best places for beer in Yerevan.

You can find Beer Mania at 2 Saryan Street.  To find out more, check out their Facebook page.

Vienna Ribs

One of the most renowned places to grab a fresh microbeer in Yerevan is at Vienna Ribs off of Saryan.  This ribs joint offers a cozy atmosphere and falling-off-the-bone ribs and other menu choices to its patrons.  But, most importantly, they brew their beer in-house and it is flavorful and refreshing.

You can find Vienna Ribs at 24 Saryan Street.  To find out more, check out their Facebook page.


Yerevan has an up-and-coming cocktail bar scene and you can find delicious cocktails at a few places on Saryan Street, even if they are listed in this guide as places for wine or food.  Another great thing Yerevan is doing lately is using

Saryan Street Yerevan - Mane Cocktail Bar
Mane Cocktail Bar

Mane Cocktail Bar

One of the best places to go for a cocktail in Yerevan is Mane Cocktail Bar on Saryan Street. This colorful establishment has a really lovely terrace and a lot of action on the inside depending on the night of the week you decide to end up there.  Friday nights are known for their Latin dancing.

At Mane, there are colorful, handmade gifts for sale right as you walk in and you can buy a beautifully painted cheeseboard, for example, for an affordable price and it is the perfect Armenian souvenir to take home.

Saryan Street Yerevan Armenia - Mane Cocktail Bar
Mane Cocktail Bar

Don’t forget to order their signature cocktail, the ‘Mane’, which consists of vodka, gin, rum, liqueur, lemon, lime, and soda water.  It truly is delicious and worth stopping by for.

You can find Mane Cocktail Bar at 1 Saryan Street.  For more information, check out their Facebook page.


Located at the crossroads of Saryan/Moskovyan and Tumanyan in front of the House Museum of the famous poet Hovhannes Tumanyan is the brand new cocktail bar, Eight18n.  It offers a fine and diverse selection of cocktails and wine with a cool and colorful interior.

Saryan Street Yerevan Armenia Eight18n
Eight18n during the Yerevan Wine Days

It is possible to enjoy them inside or on their terrace if the weather permits.  They also will often have guest DJs playing there and the atmosphere really comes alive then.

You can find Eight18n at 41 Tumanyan.  You can find out more by checking out their Facebook page.

Depo Beer & More

Super close to Saryan Street on Moskovyan is the new and aesthetically-beautiful Depo Beer & More.

The outside terrace is under a large mosaic and you can witness locals and tourists enjoying a good evening in Yerevan.  Their fusion cuisine and delicious cocktails will make your Yerevan trip a lot more interesting (and palatable!)

You can find Depo Beer & More at 28 Moskovyan.  To find out more, check out their Facebook page.

Rio Bar

This South American inspired bar has become a nightlife staple for those on Saryan Street since its opening this summer.  It is located at the crossroads of Pushkin and Saryan up the stairs.  The food and music are Latin-inspired and this place is open from 5:30pm until late in the evening.  Rio Bar offers Latin food, drinks, music, entertainment, and more.

You can find Rio Bar at 16 Saryan Street.  To find out more, check out their Facebook page.

Saryan Street Yerevan - Rio Bar
Rio Bar

Restaurants and Food

Yerevan has a plethora of restaurants to choose from in all parts of the city but some of the best ones are definitely found on Saryan Street.  This is a list of some of the most popular restaurants on Saryan Street.

Gouroo Club & Garden

Located in Saryan’s heart is Gouroo Club & Garden, a conscious and ethical eatery with arguably the best terrace in Yerevan.  Inside, you will find green juices and smoothies, kale salads, and a lot of Armenian dishes with a modern and mindful twist to them.

Saryan Street Yerevan Armenia-2
Gouroo Club & Garden

The aesthetic is clean and inviting and the terrace in the back is extremely popular during the warmer months with both locals and tourists.  There is often chilled live music to add to the aura of the place.  The owners carefully choose organic or natural wines from around the country to serve patrons.  Gouroo has definitely become one of the most talked-about and delicious places to grab a bite to eat in Yerevan.

You can find Gouroo Club & Garden at 13 Saryan Street.  Click here to check out their Facebook page.


As the name suggests, this is where Spanish tapas come together with Armenian cuisine.  You can find pretty much any type of small ‘eats’ and drinks at Tapastan from bruschetta to local Armenian wine.  The restaurant attracts a lot of customers in the evening and it is very lively and a great place to grab some food or just a glass of wine with friends.

Saryan Street Yerevan Armenia - Tapastan

They have a really nice terrace that sits on charming and quiet Saryan Street.  It is the perfect place to grab an affordable glass of Armenian red wine for around 800 AMD and get lost in your own thoughts while enjoying the endless Armenian sunshine.

You can find Tapastan at 6 Saryan Street.  Click here to check out their Facebook page.


It is difficult to classify Saryan’Notes as one type of place or another, but rest assured that this place is worthy of a visit.  The restaurant sits at the beginning of Saryan Street and its inspiration and decor colors are a tribute to famous Armenian artist, Matiros Saryan.

Saryan Street Yerevan Armenia - Saryan'Notes-2

Inside, you will find one of the most aesthetically pleasing interior in the entire city.  There are different rooms and each has its own aura although all pull in the colors and inspiration from Matiros Saryan.  There is free wifi, plenty of power outlets, and a full menu available.  There are several non-smoking areas.

Saryan’Notes also has one of Yerevan’s finest wine cellars with labels from all over the world, including a wide variety from right here in Armenia.  The cellar can hold up to 1900 different bottles and they also offer wine tastings inside.

You can find Saryan’Notes at 1 Saryan Street.  To find out more, check out their Facebook page.

Saryan Street Yerevan Armenia - Saryan'Notes

Smoking Chef Grill & Wine

On the corner of Saryan and Pushkin sits one of the best steakhouses and restaurants in Yerevan.  Smoking Chef is a newer establishment that specializes in high-quality meat and service.

Saryan Street Yerevan - Smoking Chef
Smoking Chef

Their design is appealing and their dishes and methods are very European-centric.  Having opened in 2019, they have become one of the top ‘go-to’ places in Yerevan for dry-aged beef and smoked meats.  The chefs are extremely qualified and the staff serves its patrons with a lot of fervor.

You can find Smoking Chef Grill & Wine at 51 Pushkin Street.  To find out more, check out their Facebook page.

Fabrica Restaurant & More

Another new edition to Saryan Street’s ever-growing portfolio of amazing restaurants is Fabrica, a two-story restaurant that is a grill house and meat specialist.  The 2019-opened restaurant has a hip interior that is completely unique to any other place in Yerevan.

At Fabrica, the staff is exceptionally knowledgeable on their offerings and they even have an in-house sommelier, Aren, who will be able to help you pair a delicious wine with your meal.  His recommendations may range from Kataro Red from Artsakh to a chilled white to take off the summer heat.

Saryan Street Yerevan Armenia Fabrica Restaurant
Fabrica on Saryan Street

This is the place to be during the summers as they have a first-story terrace and a second-story one that overlooks the street and is open during the evenings.  There are misters to keep patrons fresh and cool while they enjoy their top-quality dishes.

You can find Fabrica Restaurant & More at 9 Saryan Street.  To find out more, check out their Facebook page.

Life Food

Yerevan’s only raw, vegan restaurant is situated on Saryan Street and it truly has one of the best settings in all of the city.  Tucked away in a little hidden courtyard is Life Food, a family-owned cafe that serves foods only created or prepared under 42C and with a conscious and mindful preparation.

Saryan Street Yerevan Armenia - Life Food Raw Vegan
Life Food

If you’re keen to indulge in chia pudding, cold-pressed juices, and more… this is your place.  It truly is a breath of fresh air having a place like Life Food in Yerevan.  Their terrace is also super green, clean, and colorful.

You can find Life Food at 24 Saryan Street.  To find out more, check out their Facebook page.

Saryan Street Yerevan - Life Food
Chia pudding at Life Food


This high-class restaurant has both traditional and modern food and it mixes luxurious interior with a beautiful terrace in front of it.  Chinar is the perfect opportunity for guests of Yerevan to enjoy Armenian, Caucasian, and Transcaucasian food.

It also will give guests a great impression of Armenian hospitality and delicious wine, all while relaxing in a cozy atmosphere with a piano playing in the background.

You can find Chinar Restaurant at 28 Moskovyan Street.  To find out more, check out their Facebook page.

Hanz & Franz

Straight from the heart of Germany comes Yerevan’s Hanz & Franz.  This steak and grill house is a renowned place in Yerevan where the portions are large and the food is delicious.  It is the ideal spot for group gatherings and the atmosphere is always lively and fun.

Frothy beer, tasty food, and friendly staff will welcome you at Hanz & Franz and they are eager to share their little German corner in Yerevan with hungry and thirsty patrons.

You can find Hanz & Franz at 8 Saryan Street.  To find out more, check out their Facebook page.

Saryan Street Yerevan - Yerevan Wine Days-3
Yerevan Wine Days

Dom by EG

One of the best terraces in Yerevan undoubtedly belongs to Dom by EG on Saryan Street.  This restaurant and hotspot has several rooms, balconies, and a massive terrace that can be enjoyed any time of the year.  Their dishes are very European and international and they have something for everyone.

Saryan Street Yerevan Armenia-1-2
Dom by EG

There are several things you can order at Dom, but one of their best items is definitely their cheese board which includes a variety of cheeses, honey, walnuts, and more.  Pair that with a complementing glass of wine and you have definitely found one of the best experiences in Yerevan.

You can find Dom by EG at 8 Saryan Street.  To find out more, check out their Facebook page.

Best Yerevan tours

Shopping & Museums

Most of Yerevan’s best shopping is not located on Saryan Street, unfortunately.  But, there are a couple of places worthy of visiting if you’re looking for something to take home from Armenia with you.


If you’re looking for the perfect souvenir to tote back home with you, Nairian is a cosmetics company that can help you do just that.  The all-natural, ethical brand specializes in a variety of cosmetics using ingredients from the Armenian highlands.

Saryan Street Yerevan - Nairian Armenia

You will never find parabens, sulfates, harmful chemicals, or synthetic fragrances in any of their products and they use the finest Armenian ingredients to make your skin glow.

They have two shops in Yerevan and the one on Saryan Street is located at 13 Saryan Street.  To see their full line of products and their story, click here.

Anahit Simonyan Fashion

If you’re looking for some Armenian fashion, look no further than Anahit Simonyan atelier on Saryan Street.  She is one of Armenia’s most famous designers and she designs for everyone, including children.

Saryan Street Yerevan Armenia-1Saryan Street Yerevan Armenia-1
Anahit Simonyan Fashion Show in October 2018

One of the coolest things about her designs is that she often incorporates pieces or patterns that are reminiscent of Armenia in them.  Grabbing a scarf or collection piece at Anahit Simonyan is a great souvenir to take home from Armenia.

You can find Anahit Simonyan Fashion Atelier at 18 Saryan Street.  To find out more, check out their Facebook page.

Saryan House Museum

This famous Yerevan street was not named by accident.  This wine street was actually named after Martiros Saryan, one of Armenia’s most famous and talented painters.  The Saryan House Museum is a gallery and educational center dedicated to him and his impact on the Caucasian country.  You can learn all about his paintings at this museum

You can find the Saryan House Museum at 3 Saryan Street.  To find out more, check out their Facebook page.

Saryan Street Yerevan - Life FOod-2
Life Food on Saryan Street

Where to Stay in Yerevan

There are so many great places to stay in Yerevan.  These are three recommendations that consider all budgets.

The Alexander (Luxury):  The Alexander is the top hotel in Yerevan in terms of luxury and its extraordinary interior showcases this beautifully. The hotel includes a cigar room, a luxury rooftop lounge, restaurant, and other high-class places.

–> For current rates and availability click here | Read reviews on TripAdvisor

Daniel Boutique Hotel (Mid-range):  With excellent reviews and a great location, Daniel Boutique Hotel is one of the best mid-range accommodations in Yerevan.

–> For current rates and availability click here | Read reviews on TripAdvisor

Grand Hostel (Budget):  This hostel is located right by the Yerevan City Center and offers a more luxury, yet affordable experience in the capital city.  They have a pool, terrace, and get some of the best sunset views in the city.  It is an exceptionally clean place run by a wonderful family.

–> For current rates and availability click here | Read reviews on TripAdvisor

Yerevan is teeming with cool, quirky, and unmissable spots and many of them are found here on Saryan Street.  We hope that this guide gets you started and sets you up for a great night of hanging out on one of Yerevan’s most popular streets.

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