16 Places to Find the Best Coffee in Yerevan (+ Map!)

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Are you traveling to Armenia soon and looking for the best coffee in Yerevan? This Yerevan coffee guide has been curated to deliver just that!

You will find our top picks for coffee shops in Yerevan and please take note that this guide focuses primarily on third-wave coffee in Yerevan and not Armenian coffee.

Best Coffee in Yerevan

Yerevan is a wonderful city with a great sidewalk and coffee culture where it is possible to find a cozy cafe almost anywhere in the city and enjoy the vibe of the chilled-out pink city.

Coffee Yerevan

Hanging at a cafe is definitely one of the essential things to do in Yerevan for visitors!

For decades, those cafes specialized in strong and traditional Armenia coffee made on fire or in hot sand but as the times change and the world becomes a bit flatter, so do coffee preferences.

Now, slowly but surely, there are Yerevan cafes opening with a primary focus on specialty coffee and a bigger emphasis on the source of the beans. 

Best coffee in Yerevan, Armenia - Yerevan coffee guide-3-2
Best coffee in Yerevan, Armenia // AfroLab Roastery

Yerevan is also home to some great coffee roasteries where you can find single-origin coffee as well as delicious blends to take home to your own espresso machine.

Even non-smoking coffee roasteries in Yerevan are opening their doors in recent years and blending the atmosphere of a modern coffee shop with a coworking space and comfortable atmosphere. 

And, of course, most importantly, delicious coffee!

Here are our top picks for the best cafes for coffee in Yerevan.  Please leave your favorite in the comments (and if you’re a new cafe – reach out to us and let us know so we can stop in)!

Yerevan Coffee Shops – Map

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1. Lumen Coffee

Yerevan has another great and hip coffee shop in the city- Lumen Coffee. They roast their own beans on a Giesen coffee roasting machine and offer a variety of specialty coffee options from V60 pour-overs to flat whites (and more)!

Best coffee in Yerevan, Armenia - Yerevan coffee guide

Their interior is modern and feels unlike anywhere else in the city. Lumen is a must-visit for coffee enthusiasts in Yerevan!

Lumen is a non-smoking establishment.

Address: 3A Teryan St, Yerevan 0010

Website: Facebook & Instagram

Best coffee in Yerevan, Armenia - Yerevan coffee guide

2. Voch Luys Voch Mut – No Light No Darkness

Located on one of the most popular streets in Yerevan (Saryan) this coffee shop is hidden between the buildings and is located in an actual car garage. It is definitely a unique setting that adds to its allure!

“Voch Luys Voch Mut” which means “No Light No Darkness” is the perfect example of a small, hip urban coffee shop in the heart of the city but is hidden enough to remain a little off the path.

coffee in Yerevan
Voch Luys Voch Mut

In the Yerevan cafe, you can enjoy a selection of coffee from filtered coffee to flat whites and everything in between.

They especially do a nice espresso- so be sure to stop by and give it a try!

Voch Luys Voch Mut is a non-smoking establishment.

Address: 16 Martiros Saryan St,  Garage Number 7, Yerevan 0002 (coordinates)

Website: Facebook

3. AfroLab Roastery

Best coffee in Yerevan, Armenia - Yerevan coffee guide-1-2
Best coffee in Yerevan, Armenia - Yerevan coffee guide-4-2

Part of The Collective, AfroLab Roastery is one of the most professional and popular coffee shops in Yerevan that has great stuff and top-quality equipment to make one of the best-specialized cups of coffee in Yerevan.

The coffee shop is located in the city center.

AfroLab has a wide selection of coffee for enthusiasts where you can enjoy a flat white, pour overs, cold brew, and various other styles.

The cafe on Pushkin has a modern aesthetic mixed with a bit of a ‘tropical’ vibe and a great outside terrace for the warmer seasons.

AfroLab also has a takeaway window if you are in a rush. 

AfroLab Roastery is a non-smoking establishment.

Address: 40 Pushkin St, Yerevan 0010

Website: Facebook & Instagram

4. DOC Therapy Bar

Best coffee in Yerevan, Armenia - Yerevan coffee guide-4-2
Best coffee in Yerevan, Armenia - Yerevan coffee guide-4-2

Located at the center of Northern Avenue, DOC Therapy Bar is not only specializing in coffee but also in delivering an overall great service with a diverse food menu.

Because of the location and rich interior, the prices are above average for coffee and the rest of their offerings, but one thing that’s for sure –  the quality is great! 

This is definitely one of the best cups of coffee in Yerevan (we recommend their flat white).

Another perk is that they roast their own coffee and bag it up to take home. 

While a flat white inside of the cafe is rather pricey, their coffee is really affordable to take home and Megan and I would also buy bags of it for our work coffee machine.

The terrace of the DOC Therapy Bar is wonderful and a great place to enjoy Yerevan’s summer days with a tasty coffee and dessert.

DOC Therapy Bar is non-smoking.

Address: Crossroads of Pushkin and Northern Avenue, Yerevan

Website: Facebook & Instagram

5. Coffeestory

Coffeestory is another cafe that offers a calm and chill atmosphere especially during the weekend mornings (and anytime) when you just want to sit in a quiet spot and enjoy your morning coffee. 

The cafe offers high-quality coffee and food for affordable prices and a cozy environment right in the city center. In addition, there is a big bar in the back of the cafe where you can enjoy cocktails and more.

Please note that Coffeestory is one of the coffee shops in Yerevan where there is a smoking section.  The terrace also permits smoking despite being closed in.

Address: 98/9 Nalbandyan St, Yerevan

Website: Facebook 

6. The Green Bean (Cascades)

Best coffee in Yerevan, Armenia - Yerevan coffee guide-4-2
The Green Bean at Cascades

The Green Bean is a place where expats and locals come together for great coffee, chat, and an inspiring working atmosphere.

The Yerevan coffee shop is an ideal breakfast place where you can have a freshly baked bagel paired with some of Yerevan’s best coffee. 

The coffee shop is again located near Cascade Complex and has a small and cozy outdoor terrace.

The Green Bean is a pet-friendly place where your furry little buddy can, too, enjoy snacks and water while you sip on your coffee.

Coffee options are many and the prices can be a bit higher (although fairly on-par with most Yerevan establishments that serve top-quality coffee) but it’s absolutely a worthwhile place to spend your mornings at.

It is a non-smoking establishment.

Address: 38 Isahakyan St, Yerevan

Website: Instagram

7. The Coffee 23.5

Best coffee in Yerevan, Armenia - Yerevan coffee guide-4-2
The Coffee 23.5

One of the smallest but most charmest coffee houses in Yerevan is the cozy The Coffee 23.5 that is located on Saryan Street, famous in Yerevan for its wine bars.

The Yerevan coffee shop has a vast selection of coffee and tea from around the world that is roasted on the spot and is possible for purchase.  They have single-origin and blends both.

The terrace of the cafe allows you to enjoy the hot summer temperatures in the shade surrounded by wine houses and restaurants.

Another great thing about The Coffee 23.5 is that they sell accessories for purchase so you can create your own coffee station at home.  They sell V60s, Chemexes, and more.

The prices for great quality coffee are very affordable and they have free cookies in jars that you can enjoy while you drink your coffee!

This is a non-smoking establishment.

Address: 1 Martiros Saryan St, Yerevan, Armenia

Website: Facebook

8. Sweet Coast

Best coffee in Yerevan, Armenia - Yerevan coffee guide-4-2
Best coffee in Yerevan, Armenia - Yerevan coffee guide-4-2

Yerevan has been graced with the presence of a brand new cafe that has a unique and authentic design inspired by the Cascades architectural style.

The coffee house in Yerevan is located inside of an old Soviet building where they used the industrial interior to combine it with modern touches.  It truly is a beautiful cafe!

The jewel of the coffee shop is the bar that is made from limestone just like the Cascades and has similar design details.

The coffee is another thing that Sweet Coast is exceptional at. Coffee lovers can have a diverse choice of high-class coffee from pour-overs to nitro coffee and everything in between.

This is a non-smoking establishment.

Address: 39/12 75 Mesrop Mashtots Ave, Yerevan 0009

Website: Facebook


Best coffee in Yerevan, Armenia - Yerevan coffee guide-4-2
Best coffee in Yerevan, Armenia - Yerevan coffee guide-4-2

Located in one of the most beautiful buildings of old Yerevan, KONG is an epic, high-class bar and restaurant with a fabulous design that gives guests a tropical twist. It truly stands apart from any other place in Yerevan and they just opened their sister bar, Mamba (focuses on gin).

The main second floor is more for bar lounge events and cocktails while the open-air, summer cafe is one of the most beloved places for those that love good coffee. It is also one of the coolest bars in Yerevan – so it is a win/win no matter when you visit!

Enjoy your iced coffee or nitro coffee from the summer terrace in the summertime or relax on the second floor. They also offer plenty of non-dairy alternatives like coconut milk flat whites, and more.  

Try one of the best coffees in Yerevan and stick around for their tasty menu with an Asian inspiration.  They also serve some of the best vegan and vegetarian food in Yerevan.

This is a non-smoking establishment.

Address: 1 Abovyan St, Yerevan 0010

Website: Facebook

10. Nero Bean Coffee Roastery

Best coffee in Yerevan, Armenia - Yerevan coffee guide-4-2
Nero Bean

Located in Komitas, Nero Bean Coffee Roastery offers delicious coffee at an affordable price in Yerevan.  The cafe is small and specializes in coffee to take home, but it is worth grabbing a bag of coffee from there for your home coffee station.

If you can’t make it all the way to Komitas, you can visit their other cafe on Vazgen Sargsyan Street or also pick up their coffee at Parma on Northern Avenue.

This is a non-smoking establishment. 

Address: 10 Vazgen Sargsyan St, Yerevan OR 6/1 Nikoghayos Adonts St, Yerevan

Website: Facebook

11. Patrick’s Pastry

Best coffee in Yerevan, Armenia - Yerevan coffee guide-4-2
Patrick’s Pastry

Great quality coffee and awesome pastries. What can be better? Patrick’s Pastry is located in one of the elite neighborhoods of Yerevan center on the first floor of a business center.

This cafe is the perfect place for family gatherings, summer weekends relaxing on the terrace next to the illuminated fountains, and of course, to try one of the best pastries in the city (Megan is obsessed with their chocolate croissants).

The coffee at Patrick’s Pastry is top-quality and they make a really delicious flat white.  It is one of the best cups of coffee in Yerevan and is a great to-go option if you’re heading down to Hrazdan Gorge!

Address: 64 Aram Street, Yerevan 0002

Website: Facebook & Instagram

12. Haldi.Co

Best coffee in Yerevan, Armenia - Yerevan coffee guide-4-2
Best coffee in Yerevan, Armenia - Yerevan coffee guide-4-2

Another favorite place to get a delicious cup of coffee in Yerevan is at Haldi.Co.  This coffee shop is Colombian inspired and specializes in coffee from the respective country.  

The vibe is colorful, just like Colombia itself and we love going there and sitting on their private terrace outback.  The quirky nature of the place paired with its fantastic coffee makes this a great stop for those on the hunt for the best coffee in the city.

This is a non-smoking establishment.

Address: 23 Gevorg Kochar St, Yerevan 0002

Website: Instagram

13. Caffeine Coffee Roasters (Special Mention)

Best coffee in Yerevan, Armenia - Yerevan coffee guide-7
Caffeine Coffee Roaster in Dilijan

If you’re truly looking for great coffee and are keen to support an independent business, consider ordering the latest roast from Caffeine Coffee Roasters.  They are a small, independent roastery in Dilijan and they deliver to Yerevan every Thursday!

Megan and I ordered from them this past summer and made our own cold brew and filtered coffee for our workdays and the results were fantastic!

You don’t need to go on a day trip to Dilijan to pick it up as it comes right to your doorstep in Yerevan.

If you’re traveling to Yerevan for an extended stay and have an Aeropress or a way to make coffee at the place you’re staying, this is such a great option!  And their beans change frequently.  It’s even perfect to throw in your Keep Cup and sit at the top of the Cascades!

Best coffee in Yerevan, Armenia - Yerevan coffee guide-4
The Cascades views with Caffeine Coffee Roasters in the Keep Cup

You can place an order with them weekly but the order must be placed no later than Tuesday as they roast on Wednesdays and deliver to Yerevan on Thursdays. 

You can place an order on their Facebook page (they speak English).  Alternatively, you can reach them by phone: +374 77 073803.

14. Ground Zero

Located on Saryan Street, the pet-friendly coffee shop Ground Zero is not only a place to enjoy a cup of coffee, but it’s also a community hub where is possible to get inspired, meet interesting new people, and co-work.

Coffee Yerevan
Ground zero

The venue offers a minimalistic design, co-working space, high-speed internet, and of course, coffee! You will find everything from cold brews to V60s and more!

Coffee Yerevan
Ground Zero

The founder also takes extreme pride in how the coffee is brewed, even down to what type of water is used… resulting in a high-quality, delicious cup every time! 

Address: 1 Martiros Saryan St, Yerevan, Armenia

15. Hayk Coffee

This Yerevan coffee shop is situated on Saryan Street and has tasty coffee and an inviting atmosphere.

Coffee Yerevan

Hayk Coffee’s interior is modern and comfortable and it is a fantastic place to co-work (or work remotely) from in the heart of the city.

They offer a variety of coffee options like V60 pour-overs, Siphon, and espresso-based drinks like cortados, lattes, and more!

Hayk Coffee

The beans are sourced from around the world and they deliver an on-point cup of coffee every time I go in there.

Address: 4 Martiros Saryan St, Yerevan 0002

Website: Facebook

16. Vol. 1

Located on Koghbatsi Street in Yerevan city center, Vol 1 Coffee Shop is a fantastic, new establishment offering up some delicious drinks to coffee enthusiasts from all over.

Coffee Yerevan

The cafe and roastery have beautiful design elements and branding and it is so inviting as a customer!

You’ll find plenty of options for coffee there, too and their beans come from Guatemala and beyond.

Coffee Yerevan

Try their flat white, a pour over, or a cold brew, and relax in this new place in Yerevan! 

Address: 67 Yeznik Koghbatsi St, Yerevan 0002

Website: Facebook

We are constantly updating this guide and welcome your suggestions for places that offer delicious coffee in Yerevan.  

If you’re a cafe that has just opened or want to share your coffee with us – please reach out and let us know!

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