10 Museums in Yerevan That Will Help You Discover Armenia

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Armenia is a country teeming with history and artifacts and one of the best places to uncover this is at a museum.  This is a guide to the top ten museums in Yerevan based on popularity and number of visitors.

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Best Museums in Yerevan

One of the best-kept secrets in Yerevan is the sheer number of museums around the city that will give insight into Armenian history, culture, and more.

While every museum may not be meant for every person, there is definitely a museum in Yerevan meant for every person.

These 10 museums in Armenia will all have something unique to offer visitors.

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Museums in Yerevan

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Museums in Yerevan

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10 Yerevan Museums Worth Visiting

History Museum of Armenia

Year opened: 1919

Address: Republic Square

Working days and hours: Tuesdays-Saturdays from 1100-1800 and Sundays from 1100-1700

Days closed: Mondays

Entrance ticket: 2000AMD (free with Yerevan Card)

Public transport: 1, 22, 33, 37, 44, 54, 58, 62, 63, 67, 68

Museums in Yerevan

This is one of the most famous museums in Armenia simply for its location and incredible collection of artifacts.  The museum introduces Armenia and Armenian history and is considered to be of the utmost importance to the capital city.

The History Museum of Armenia houses the national collection of showpieces that are presented at exhibition halls of ethnography, archaeology, contemporary history, and numismatics.

The complex housing the items creates an entire picture of Armenian culture and history, ranging from prehistoric times to the 15th-century.

The cuneiform inscription states that Erebuni (Yerevan) city’s foundation began in 782BC as the world’s oldest shoe was discovered during excavation works in Areni Cave, as well as the uncommon, wooden ornamental door of Saint Arakelots Monastery.

You can find both in the History Museum of Armenia… and much more!

National Gallery of Armenia

Year opened: 1921

Address: Republic Square

Working days and hours: Tuesdays-Saturdays from 1100-1730 and Sundays from 1100-1630

Days closed: Mondays

Entrance ticket: 1500AMD (free with Yerevan Card)

Public transport: 1, 22, 33, 37, 44, 54, 58, 62, 63, 67, 68

The National Gallery of Armenia is the world’s biggest museum containing Armenian fine art and has the second most pieces from Hovhannes Aivazovsky’s collection.

The museum itself has around 40,000 items.  Since 2008, the Gallery hosts interactive, educational programs inside.

The museum has 12 branches in Yerevan and in other regions of Armenia.

Inside of its Armenia, Russian, European, and Eastern thematic halls, you can admire the works of Martiros Sarian, Hovhannes Aivazovsky, Vardges Sureniants, Valentin Serov, Vasily Kandinsky, Donatello, August Rodin, Marc Chagall, and other prominent artists.


Year opened: 1959

Address: 53 Mashtots Ave

Working days and hours: Tuesdays- Sundays from 1000-1700

Days closed: Mondays

Entrance ticket: 1500 AMD (free with Yerevan Card)

Public transport: 7, 16, 18, 23, 24, 27

Museums in Yerevan

Matenadaran was named after Mesrop Mashtots and is registered in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. 

It consists of 15 demonstration halls that display thousands of artifacts including 20,000 ancient manuscripts, holistic manuscripts and fragments, old books, documents, and samples of precious bindings.  

At Matenadaran, you can also find the largest book, Msho Charentir (1200-1202 AD) which weighs 27.5 kilograms in contrast to the smallest one, the Church Calendar from 1434 AD weighing just 19 grams.

“Ararat” Brandy Factory Museum

Year opened: 2000 

Address: 2 Admiral Isakov Ave

Working days and hours: Tuesdays – Sundays from 1000-1700

Days closed: Mondays

Entrance ticket: 4500 – 10000 AMD (free with Yerevan Card)

Public transport: 5, 23, 29, 47, 67, 68

Museums in Yerevan

The Ararat Museum is situated inside the Yerevan Brandy Company’s factory which was acquired by industrialist Nikolay Shustov.

This is where you can study the process of making cognac as well as trying Armenia’s famous brandy.

To be honest, we really think that trying Ararat brandy is one of the essential things to do in Yerevan and that everyone should partake in the experience of doing so.

Armenia has become symbolic for its brandy production and it is an important part of the history of the country.  You can take a tour of the museum and learn a lot about the famous beverage.

Ter-Ghazaryan’s Micro-Art Museum

Year opened: 2018

Address: 8 Abovyan Street

Working days and hours: Tuesdays – Sundays from 1000-1700

Days closed: Mondays

Entrance ticket: 2000 AMD (free with Yerevan Card)

Public transport: 41, 13

Although Ter-Ghazaryan’s Micro-Art museum is one of the most recently opened museums of Yerevan, it has become very popular and famous within the city of Yerevan.

The main exhibition of the museum includes the micro-works of grandfather and grandson Eduard Ter-Ghazaryans which have been placed on specially designed lighting pedestals.

The micro-creations of the elder Eduard Ter-Ghazaryan really showcase the mastermind and genius abilities this grandfather and grandson had.

If you’re looking for something a little different to do and want to still explore one of the newer museums in Yerevan, this is an excellent option.

Sergey Parajanov Museum

Year opened: 1988

Address: Dzoragyugh Ethnographic District, 15/16 House

Working days and hours: daily from 1030 – 1700

Entrance ticket: 1000 AMD (free with Yerevan Card)

Public transport: 5, 23, 26, 33, 47, 62, 67, 68 

Museums in Yerevan

Sergey Parajanov’s Museum is dedicated to the decorated and well-known Armenian filmmaker, artist, and writer.

The museum is one of the most popular ones in Yerevan and it represents the artistic, literary, multi-layered and diverse heritage of Parajanov.

The collection includes 600 works which include assemblages, flat and three-dimensional collages, dolls, drawings and film sketches, furniture, personal things, and more. 

Much of it was transferred from Tbilisi to Yerevan when Sergey was still alive.

Throughout the museum’s existence, a large number of items has been added and at this very moment, the number of items is 1500. 

“Erebuni” historical-archeological Museum-Reserve 

Year opened: 1968

Address: 38 Erebuni Street

Working days and hours: Tuesdays – Sundays from 1030 – 1630

Days closed: Mondays

Entrance ticket: 1000 AMD (free with Yerevan Card)

Public transport: 1, 16, 37, 39, 41, 46, 58

The Erebuni Museum presents the history of Yereven’s foundation and the archaeological excavations of Arin Berd, Karmir Blur, and Shengavit territories.  It was founded in honor of Yerevan’s 2750th birthday.

Currently, the museum has two branches: ‘Shengavit” and “Karmir Blur”.  The Yerevan History Museum is considered to be an important Urartuological center. 

The building symbolizes the construction of an Urartian Palace and preserves the principle of the people’s houses with external soundproof walls and a smooth roof surrounding and internal yard.

More than 12,000 archaeological artifacts are introduced to the public at the Erebuni Museum. The items have been found in various regions and places in Armenia from pre-Urartian, Urartian, Hellenistic, and even early periods of time.

The most important piece on exhibit is the ‘Birth Certificate of Yerevan’.

Yerevan History Museum

Year opened: 1931

Address: 1/1 Argishti Street

Working days and hours: Mondays – Saturdays from 1100 – 1730

Days closed: Sundays

Entrance ticket: 500 AMD (free with Yerevan Card)

Public transport: 26, 29

Museums in Yerevan

The city of Yerevan is the 12th capital of Armenia.  Founded in 782 BC by King Argishti and under the name ‘Erebuni’, the city of Yerevan is one of the oldest capitals in the world.

The Yerevan History Museum details the entire history of old and new Yerevan. This is a great museum to hit up if you’re visiting Yerevan in winter.

There are approximately 94,000 items that have been gathered during the city’s existence and it gives us a better understanding of ancient Yerevan as well as how things have transpired and made the city into what it is today.

Among the pieces on show at this museum in Yerevan are archaeological, ethnographic, and numismatic collections of items, art, and photos.

Aram Khachaturyan Museum

Year opened: 1982

Address: 3 Zarobyan Street      

Working days and hours: Mondays – Fridays from 1100 – 1700 and Saturdays from 1100 – 1630

Days closed: Sundays

Entrance ticket: 800 AMD (free with Yerevan Card)

Public transport: 1, 8, 13, 16, 18, 35, 37, 45, 47, 57, 58

This museum was named after Aram Khachaturyan, a famous Armenian composer from the 20th-century.  There are more than 18,000 valuable items inside that are dedicated to his life and his art.

You will find photographs, letters, books, musical scores, music manuscripts, records, films posters, and personal documents inside of the Yerevan museum.

Inside the showroom, you will get to see interactive displays of his life accompanied by his brilliant music.  You can watch movies and listen to records from Khachaturyan.

He was considered to be the mastermind behind the Armenian ballet, symphony, concert, and music scene.

Some of his most famous works include ‘Sabre Dance’ or ‘Suserov Par’ from the ‘Gayane’ ballet performance… which gave him great fame later.

Martiros Sarian House-Museum

Year opened: 1967

Address: 3 Saryan Street     

Working days and hours: daily from 1100 – 1800                               

Days closed: Thursdays

Entrance ticket: 1000 AMD (free with Yerevan Card)

Public transport: 1, 5, 23, 24, 26, 27, 37, 44, 44, 44, 47, 54, 58

Museums in Yerevan

The final museum in Yerevan on our list is the Martiros Saryan Museum which celebrates the life and works of the famous Armenian artist.  He is considered to be the founder of the Armenian School of Painting.  He has more than 300 creative works that are chronologically introduced to visitors at the museum.

His paintings allow us to realize that art is not just a reflection of reality but rather a way to develop imagination.

The interesting fact is that the house museum was created during his lifetime as an artist.  The museum sits on Yerevan’s renowned Saryan Street.

Where to Stay in Yerevan

There are many options of where to stay in Yerevan but we tend to stay loyal to our favorites.  Our top three picks are good for any type of budget.  Here is where we recommend staying in Yerevan:

The Alexander (Splurge):  This hotel is the most luxurious in Armenia.  They have amazing rooms and amenities and it will make you feel pampered all while being a stone’s throw away from Republic Square.

They have a really nice cigar bar inside that Aram and I have enjoyed before.  Click here to check rates and availability.

Daniel Boutique Hotel (Mid-range):  If you’re looking for an affordable place with comfort and amazing hospitality, Daniel Boutique Hotel is your best bet.

The Yerevan property exudes charm and has a stellar location for its price.  Click here to check rates and availability.

Grand Hostel (Budget):  There are many great properties in Yerevan for those on a budget but we really love Grand Hostel because the hostel is spacious, clean, and has private rooms and dorms.

The family that runs it is fantastic and so hospitable.  Click here to check rates and availability.

Museums in Yerevan

There are some really great museums in Yerevan that are worth visiting on your trip to Armenia’s beautiful capital city.  If you have any museum suggestions, please drop them in the comments for us.

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