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Shrvenants School: An Illuminative Walk through its Abandoned Halls

Shrvenants School: An Illuminative Walk through its Abandoned Halls

There’s something to be said about revisiting something that used to be an exemplary role model of its kind back in its better days. Sometimes the mission pans out and sometimes it doesn’t. I desired to visit Yuzhmash rocket factory in Dnipro, Ukraine several years ago but it (needless to say), did not work out […]

16 Best Things to Do in Goris (and the Surrounding Area)

Goris is one of the cities in Armenia that will easily just blow you away. It is different and for a city of small size, there is quite a bit to do there and in the surrounding area. Here is a guide for all the wonderful things to do in Goris: what to do in […]

Hotel Mirhav: The Reason You’ll Never Want to Leave Goris

Reasons to stay at Hotel Mirhav in Goris

We have stayed in several places around the world. And considering comfort, food (ohh… the food), and service, we definitely place Hotel Mirhav in Goris toward the top of that list. On our recent Syunik trip, we had the luxury of staying at Hotel Mirhav and experiencing all they had to offer- from a plov […]

How to Visit Shaki Waterfall (and Why You Should + Tips)

Shaki Waterfall is one of the best places to visit in Southern Armenia and the Syunik region- so much that it is included on several organized tours of the aforementioned part of Armenia. This guide details how to visit independently or with a tour, why you should go (seriously, you should!), and some tips to […]

5 Fantastic Reasons to Visit Tandzaver (+ Things to Do)

Tandzaver Waterfall Secret Syunik

When we were recently in Syunik, we had the chance to visit Tandzaver, a small and remote village somewhat near Tatev and not far north of Kapan.  We were not entirely sure what to expect in such a small, yet beautiful place, but after leaving, we seriously think that everyone needs to set aside a […]

Sleeping Amongst the Mulberries at Ttenut Eco Camping

Sleeping Amongst the Mulberries at Ttenut Eco Camping

I have to admit I have never been an avid camper. In fact, I’m rather bad at it. This trip to Syunik has changed my perspective and I have found places that offer such a fantastic camping experience that it has me craving more! One of the places that really opened my eyes from fearing […]