18 Beautiful Waterfalls in Armenia to Add to Your Bucket List

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Are you looking to chase waterfalls in Armenia on your trip? This guide showcases fifteen incredible Armenia waterfalls you must add to your bucket list!

Armenia may not be known for its waterfalls… or even water.  The completely land-locked country is home to the largest lake in the Caucasus, Lake Sevan, but other things come to mind when you think of Armenia and it is not water.

Waterfalls in Armenia - Best Armenia waterfall to visit on your trip-6
Best waterfalls in Armenia

However, there are waterfalls in Armenia and some of them are downright spectacular!  This guide showcases fifteen of the most iconic or visited Armenia waterfalls.

Please let us know your favorite waterfall in Armenia so we can put it on our list for our upcoming trips!

Best Waterfalls in Armenia – Map

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Gorgeous Waterfalls in Armenia

Below, you will find the list of the best waterfalls in Armenia.  If you know of a waterfall, not on this list and you recommend it – please leave us a comment with its name and location!

Khosrov waterfall in Armenia
Armenia waterfall guide

1. Shaki Waterfall

Stunning Shaki Waterfall is located in the Syunik region in the southern part of Armenia, approximately 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) away from the city of Sisian.

The impressive waterfall, which is also considered one of the most beautiful ones in Armenia, was formed where the Vorotan flowed into the Shaki River at a height of 18 meters (59 feet).

Despite not being huge in height (but still pretty spectacular!), the width of Shaki Waterfall is impressive and the sound of the falling water hitting the rocks can even be heard from a few kilometers (a couple of miles) away!

Shaki Waterfall in Armenia
Shaki Waterfall

The legend says that the name Shaki came from the tragic story of a very beautiful girl who ran away from the conquerers and refused to surrender to them. She then jumped off of the cliff and her dress was opened by the wind and turned into the water that you’ll find at the Armenian waterfall today.

To reach Shaki Waterfall, you need to drive down a windy road and then leave your car and walk in between the rocks alongside the river.

2. Jermuk Waterfall

Probably one of the most popular waterfalls in Armenia is Jermuk Waterfall, also known as the Hair of the Mermaid.

Jermuk is a famous spa town waters with mineral waters and a relaxing vibe. It is located in the Vayots Dzor region.

Jermuk Waterfall in Armenia
Jermuk Waterfall

The water of Jermuk Waterfall does not fall from the rocks like other waterfalls in Armenia, but rather it slides down the rocks with several small streams looking like hairlines and eventually falling into the Arpa River. It is 72 meters high.

There are many things to do in Jermuk and the famous waterfall brings a lot of tourists there to experience them once they are done enjoying the spectacular natural sight.

3. Trchkan Waterfall

Trchkan Waterfall is located on the border of the Shirak and Lori regions on the left tributary of the Pambak River. Trchkan Waterfall is also known as Chichkan Waterfall or Trchkan Water. Moreover, the locals call it Chran. 

Located about 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) northwest of Shirakamut village in the Lori region, the surrounding area of this waterfall was the epicenter of the 1988 earthquake.

Trchkan Waterfall in Armenia
Trchkan Waterfall

In 2011, there was a plan to build a small hydroelectric power plant with a capacity of 1050 kilowatts on the bed of the Chichkan River in the area of ​​Trchkan Waterfall. However, environmentalists claimed that the plant’s construction would cause significant damage to the waterfall and the biodiversity of the site.

After some fueled protests regarding the topic took place, the construction was canceled, leaving the waterfall to remain one of the most incredible spots, not only in Lori and Shirak but also in the whole country of Armenia.

4. Herher Waterfall and Qaravaz Waterfall

Herher and Qaravaz Waterfalls are located above Herher village in the Vayots Dzor region in Armenia. The views around there are very much picturesque and worth exploring as there are several other remarkable places in the vicinity of the waterfalls.

Of the two waterfalls, Qaravaz is the higher one, breaking through the rocks to form a sliding waterfall. Then the Qaravaz River joins the Herher River, causing the second waterfall to be formed.

The second waterfall is located on Herher River and is called Herher Falls. It is located about 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles) north of the village of the same name.

The waterfalls form a deep pool underneath, making it an excellent spot for a quick swim.

5. Dilijan Waterfall (Secret Waterfall)

Very small and hidden in the lush green woods of the gorgeous Dilijan, this little waterfall is the goal of many hikers and nature lovers who also love discovering forests and their phenomena.

It is strongly recommended after visiting the Monastery of Haghartsin, chapels, masterpiece cross stores (khachkars), and abandoned mysterious Soviet cable car station building in Dilijan to then discover this hidden waterfall.

The waterfall was discovered recently while tracking and marking the hiking trails. On the way to the monastery in the Dilijan National Park, you will see signs telling you where to park and how to reach the trailhead of this waterfall.

Dilijan Secret Waterfall in Armenia
Dilijan Secret Waterfall

The hike takes approximately 1 hour and you will end up deep in the woods where the earthy smells of the forest will assault your senses.

After you reach the area of the waterfall, you will see a newly-built, small wooden bridge where you also will notice a sign detailing where you are and what kind of minerals exist on the land and in the water.

Finally, the little hidden waterfall is a slice of paradise that although not large, is a cooling experience after the hour-long hike to get there!

6. Nare Waterfall

Nare Waterfall has not been mentioned in the literature up until recent years. The name “Nare” for the waterfall is not official; rather, the Armenian Geographical Project members called the waterfall Nare Waterfall while studying the tourist routes in Dzhokhadzor.

The waterfall is located in the Ararat region, in Dzhokhk Gorge, on the left tributary of the Aratso River. Its height is just 7 meters, but the sight of it is quite memorable. 

7. Gegharot Waterfall

Gegharot Waterfall is located in the Aragatsotn region, 11 kilometers (6.9 miles) northwest of Aragats village. It is registered on the list of state natural monuments of the Ministry of Nature Protection in the Republic of Armenia.

This eye-catching waterfall is located on the slope of Aragats, about 3000 meters (9842 miles) above sea level on the Gegharot tributary of the Kasagh River. This river is located about 12 kilometers (7.4 miles) away from the aforementioned Aragats village. 

Gegharot Waterfall in Armenia
Gegharot Waterfall

Gegharot Waterfall freezes during wintertime, but in summer, its cold waters fall from a height of about 17 meters (56 feet), making it one of the most picturesque locations in the region. Take your camera with you while visiting this Armenian waterfall!  

8. Khosrov Waterfalls (Astghik and Vahagn)

Khosrov Forest State Reserve is one of the most famous Reserves in Armenia and it has many historical and natural sights hidden inside of it.

Astghik Waterfall in Armenia - Khosrov Forest
Astghik Waterfall

Two of the highlights of the Reserve are Vahagn and Astghik Waterfalls which are located close to each other and have the names of the Armenia Pagan Gods (Vahagn is the God of war, fire, and storm and Astghik is the Goddess of beauty and love).

The waterfalls are located close to the Temple of Garni, approximately 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) away in the Kotayk region.

Khosrov Waterfalls in Armenia
Waterfalls in Khosrov National Forest

9. Lichk Waterfall

Lichk Waterfalls are located on two rivers, Zvaraget and Meghri, and flow through the territory of Lichk village of Syunik region. 

There are four accessible waterfalls on Zvaraget and all of them are located a short distance from each other. Other waterfalls on the same river are relatively inaccessible, but it is imperative to walk along a bit and explore the ones that are!

There are indeed many waterfalls on the Meghri River, so it’s difficult to say the exact number of those flowing through the village of Lichk.  This makes it all the more worthwhile to pay a visit to this interesting area!

10. Sharach Waterfall

Sharach Waterfall is located in the Tavush region on the Khndzorut River. It falls from a height of about 15 meters (50 feet).

The river originates from the northeastern slopes of the Miapor Mountains, at an altitude of 2000 meters (6561 feet), and joins the Aghnja River southwest of Aygedzor village. The part of the canyon where the waterfall is located is called Bayghush by the people living nearby. 

The route that leads to the waterfall is, for sure, one of the wonders of the Tavush region. It is surrounded by magnificent hills on two sides of the road. 

After reaching Sharach Waterfall, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the panorama of the lush green forests, the scent of fresh flowers, and the pristine and clean air coming from the Miapor Mountain Range.

Sharach Waterfall Armenia
Sharach Waterfall

The ascent and efforts make this place truly unforgettable for everyone who likes to overcome challenges, knowing that their efforts will pay off in the end when they finally reach the waterfall.

In the middle of summer, there is a “water” day in Armenia called Vardavar. This is when spraying and splashing everyone with water (even in the streets) is considered normal!

It’s a day full of fun, and if case you’re in Armenia during Vardavar, and you want to enjoy it while being away from the main cities, then Sharach Waterfall is one of the greatest getaways for you, with its wet, but still calm and peaceful atmosphere. 

11. Lastiver Waterfall

Lastiver Waterfall is located in Tavush province on the Khachaghbyur River. If you visit Armenia (which you should!), don’t miss your chance to visit this waterfall, and the entire region surrounding it.

Lastiver Waterfall in Tavush Armenia
Part of the Lastiver Waterfall

Lastiver is an excellent place if you want to be close to nature and unwind yourself from the traffic and chaos of hectic Yerevan

When you visit the area, you can view caves that are on the edge of a vast gorge, where in ancient times, people had to build ladders from logs to reach the caves – this is where the name ‘Lastiver’ originates.

12. Karchevan Waterfall

Karchevan Waterfall is located in the very southern part of Armenia near the Iranian border close to the village of Karchevan. The locals also call it Tsor Waterfall which means ‘flow’ in Armenian.

The appearance of the waterfall is interesting because it is located in between narrow rocks and it’s rather tall and unexpected.

This is another amazing Armenia waterfall hike for those who want to reach their ‘destination’ and swim in the cold, mountain water pool that awaits.

13. Kasakh Waterfall

Kasakh Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Armenia, being over 70 meters (230 feet) high. It is located in the Aragatsotn region on the Kasakh River in front of the Hovhannavank monastery. 

Kasakh Waterfall in Armenia
Kasakh Waterfall

The Kasakh River starts from the top of Mount Aragats and flows into the famous Ararat Valley. The combination of the ringing bells of the glorious Hovhannavank monastery with the sounds coming from the waterfall is awe-inspiring and worth a visit. 

14. Tsav Waterfall (Chrchr)

Tsav Waterfall, also known in the local dialect as Chrchr Waterfall, is located in Armenia’s Syunik region, approximately 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) away from the village of Tsav. It is just west of Shikahogh State Reserve.

The waterfall is 10 meters (32 feet) in height has a strong stream flowing from between the rocks and has a beautiful pool at the bottom of it.

It’s easy to reach the waterfall but not everyone knows where it is, so to reach the falls, you must walk alongside the river from Tsav village until you reach it.

15. Meghradzor Waterfall

The next beautiful waterfall is located near Megrhradzor village up in the mountains of Kotayk. Many hikers use this area as a pitstop and enjoy a picnic by the waterfall, or a relaxing stop there.

The waterfall is more popular for locals than for travelers as many don’t know about it and reaching it by car is a task in itself as you will likely need an off-road vehicle.

Meghradzor Waterfall has a couple of cascades and each of them is small in height but powerful and tall as a whole.

Meghradzor Waterfall in Armenia
Meghradzor Waterfall

At the bottom of the last cascade, there is a natural pool where the locals swim in the summer.

Fun fact: there are more ‘unknown’ waterfalls as you trek further on up into the mountains but the main Meghradzor Waterfall is the first you’ll stumble upon and the most popular.

16. Boghakar Waterfall

Another waterfall that is located in southern Armenia in the Syunik region is Boghakar Waterfall.  It is located in Boghakar Reserve.

The power of the waterfall is not strong and it is not that high at merely 25 meters (8.2 feet), but it requires a hike to get there and is worth it for that alone!

17. Tandzaver Waterfall

Probably one of the most secretive and mysterious waterfalls on this list that also requires a long hike (or e-biking with locals) is the Tandzaver Waterfall.

The waterfall is located in the forests of the Tandzaver village in the Syunik region. The hike is long but is worth it to see this slice of forested heaven!

The water of the Tandzaver Waterfall comes from the Syunik mountains and it’s super cold all year round, but you can still try to swim.

Tandzaver Waterfall in Armenia
Tandzaver Waterfall

The waterfall is not that high, maybe 3-4 meters (13 feet), but it’s located in a lush, green forest that has gorgeous pictures and is the perfect spot for an off-the-path hiker.

18. Bonus: Frozen Waterfall in Azat Gorge

This unnamed waterfall is located in Azat Gorge (near the Azat Reservoir), in the Kotayk region. While this waterfall may not be a big deal during the summer months, it takes on a different form in winter.

This particular waterfall can best be seen in winter. It is formed from thin streams of water flowing from the mountain slopes.

So, in summer, the waterfall is non-existent, while during the cold months, the water freezes creating a huge chunk of ice.

You’ll just need to hope that you get there in the coldest month of the winter to be able to see this mesmerizing sight! 

Aram at Meghradzor Waterfall
Aram at Meghradzor Waterfall

We hope that you found your favorite waterfalls in Armenia on this list and if not, please let us know what it is below in the comments section so we can explore it next!

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